Bossier High School
Alumni Hall of Fame
Lifetime Achievement
(Subordinate to by-laws of Bossier High School Alumni Association)


· To recognize societal contributions of excellence…
· By those persons who acquired education and values while attending Bossier High.
· To restore, promote, and preserve the successful legacy of Bossier High School, its educational staff, and the alumni.

ELIGIBILITY:  One must have…
· Graduated from, attended, or taught at Bossier High School at least one year;
· Graduated, attended or taught more than ten years ago;
· A record of outstanding achievement in his/her field of endeavor(s);
· Made significant contributions to his/her field, the Community, State or Nation;
· Exhibited outstanding leadership, character and service to his/her community;
· Made a difference in Society.


· Accept and consider nominations January 1st - May 31st of each year.
· Nomination form and photograph must be submitted.
· Nominators must be regular dues-paying members in good standing.
· BHSAA governing body and the Hall of Fame Chair shall consider and select inductees by August 1st.
· Inductees shall be honored and presented during a BHSAA event by years-end.
· Nominees passed over shall retain active nomination status for three years.
· All appropriate means of publicity shall be pursued.