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Friends of Bossier High:

We are pleased to announce that there are Bearkats that remember their experiences at Bossier High and are endorsing the Sports and Spirit Hall of Fame by helping to sponsor the event.  Without their support we could not have honored the men and women in our first Sports and Spirit Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction ceremony.

The Jim Gatlin Team:
                      Joe and Grace Maggio
                      Charles Shackleford
                      Maxie Branch
                      Col. Neil Yarborough
                      Don Tubbs
                      Barksdale Federal Credit Union

The John McConathy Team:
                     John McConathy
                     Doug Brown
                     Billy Ross Robinson
                     Crooked Hollow Golf Course

The Loy Camp Team:
Bobby Howell

The Bossier High School Alumni Association was formed to support the students and faculty of Bossier High School.  As long as we have support like these sponsors have demonstrated  we will prevail.  Thanks to all our sponsors, attendees and members. 

We are Bearkats Forever!