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Women Who Made A Difference
In Bossier Parish

These 32 women have made a positive, lasting difference in the history of Bossier Parish and its various communities. They were nominated by the public and library staff and chosen by the Bossier Parish Library Board of Directors. Read their stories and be inspired by them!

We have borrowed the stories related to the "Women from Bossier High" and reprinted them here. 

  • Wanda Bennett
  • Mary K Bixler Bryce
  • Mary D.C. Cane
  • Martha "Dianne" Walsworth Chandler
  • Brenda Wilson Collins
  • Shirley Jane Cox Delaney
  • Clara Davis
  • Sunshine Dement
  • Inge Klosmann Dyck
  • Debo White Harris Dykes
  • Kathleen Mary Finley Fabio
  • Marguerite Hudson
  • Alice Jeter
  • Sandra Faye Johnson
  • Rita S Keoun
  • Wilna Mabry 

  • Carrie Martin
  • Lettie Van Landingham
  • Pearl Taylor Waller
  • Marie C. Wissman
  • Martha Louise Reed Wojecki
  • Bettye McCauley
  • Mamie Edwards Stinson McKnight
  • Betty Jean Miller
  • Charlotte Mitchell
  • Olivette Montgomery
  • Ada Myrick
  • Elizabeth Sherman
  • Jane H. Smith
  • Billie Stevens
  • Edna Earle Richardson Stinson
  • Ruth Tupper 

Wanda Seabury Bennett - 1954

In 1977 Wanda Bennett was one of two women first elected to the new Bossier City Council. She served until 1989. She directed Bossier Parish's 911 emergency service for thirteen years, including 1992 when the service was implemented. Now she serves as president of the Bossier Parish Chamber of Commerce and serves on the boards of several programs or institutions, including Bossier's Willis Knighton Healthcare Center.

Photo courtesy of Wanda S. Bennett files

Brenda Wilson Collins - 1966

In 1995-1996 Ms. Collins was named Sun City Teacher of the Year, Bossier Parish Teacher of the Year and Louisiana Teacher of the Year. She was the first teacher panelist for the United States Blue Ribbon Schools Committee in Washington, D.C., received several grants for improving the teaching of science, math and technology and many other local, regional or national committees and commissions to improve math, science and job-readiness education.

Sunshine Norris Dement - 1942

Ms. Dement was a teacher in Bossier and Caddo schools, as well as a businesswoman with her husband George Dement, who became mayor of Bossier City. She was a charter member of the Bossier City Mother's Club and served as "First Lady of Bossier City" from 1989-2005. It was a job she thought she didn't want and yet she loved every minute of it and the opportunity to meet so many of Bossier's citizens.

Photo courtesy of the Shreveport Times

Debo White Harris Dykes - 1969

Ms. Dykes was one of the top finalists in the Teacher in Space program and was a NASA Space Shuttle Trainee. She spent eight days in 1986 at Cape Canaveral before the tragic launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger, on which her friend and fellow teacher Christa McAuliffe perished. Ms. Harris (now Dykes), representing Bossier Parish with grace and professionalism, continued promoting science/space education. She was ordained in Denver, Colorado in 2001 and now serves as an Episcopal Priest in Mississippi.

Photo courtesy of Deborah (Debo) Dykes

Marguerite Hudson - Faculty

Formerly a local teacher, Ms. Hudson served two terms on the Bossier Parish School Board during which she was involved in a major school building program for the Parish and put computer labs in all schools. She campaigned for the expansion of the local library system and for a history center and archives. These and additional activities earned her a Women of the Century award from the Women's Business Council.

Photo courtesy of Marguerite Hudson

Wilna Mabry - 1933

After graduation from Bossier High, in 1936  Ms. Mabry took a job with the Bossier Parish Clerk of Court. In 1967 she was elected as Clerk of Court and served until 1995. She was such a devoted public servant, who worked diligently and remembered people by name, that the State declared a "Wilna Mabry Day" in 1986.

Olivette Montgomery - Faculty

Ms. Montgomery was a much-loved and respected senior English teacher at Bossier High School for thirty years. Hundreds of her current and former students visited her in the hospital during her final illness. One wrote, "If I can inspire only a portion of the numbers of people that you have, I will feel that my life has been worthwhile." The 1963-64 class established a memorial scholarship in her name. She was also very active in the Service Guild of her church. Ms. Montgomery was inducted into the Bossier High School Alumni Association's Hall of Fame in 2006.

Photo courtesy of 1963 Les Memoires, Bossier High School Yearbook