Happenings Home


The Class of '61 had our 45th reunion October 6 & 7, at BoomTown Hotel.  Many went to the Hall of Fame Ceremony at BHS, then Friday night we rode as a group to the Homecoming game at BHS.  We enjoyed it until after halftime when we returned to the hotel for a night of food and visiting under a tent on the lawn.  This was really enjoyable.  Others who hadn't made it to the game joined us under the tent. 
Saturday morning we started with breakfast together at the hotel buffet, then went to BHS for a tour.  It brought back so many good memories (and a few strange ones, ha, ha!) After that it was free time at the Boardwalk, around the hotel, visiting Coach Birtman and our First Class of '61 Golf Tournament.  First Place went to Gary Patrick and Second Place to Bruce Humphrey Latshaw.
Saturday night brought our sharing of old yearbooks, photos and many more stories.  Gary Patrick was our excellent Master of Ceremonies.  The food was great all weekend, the fellowship was outstanding.  We discovered who didn't know his wife had the most body piercings of all the class.  We found out who didn't realize 45 years ago he'd be calling Holly Hollenshead his son-in-law; and many other interesting things. 

Some of the comments were:

What fun it was to see everyone!  It was great fun to be 15 and 16 again.  We won't miss another one!

I think I enjoyed this reunion better than any of the others that we went to. 

What a way to re-connect?  It's amazing how we can be apart for so long and just kind of "pick up" where we left off in our thoughts and feelings!

The groups in the Dallas and Houston areas are arranging small reunions there and we hope everyone will be back for the BIG BHS REUNION next year that will include the Whole BHS Alumnae.