Happenings Home

not being the spokesperson for the class of '64 i can say that our gathering for homecoming 2006 was a great time. as usual we had a great time sitting and talking in our two hospitality rooms, dinner at ralph & kacoo's, catfish etc.
those of you who missed out will get another chance in '07 and i think we will once again have a great time.

peace, love and music
i bear no responsibility for grammar or spelling in the above letter due to being too lazy

At least he did not blame BHS--web guy's note

Everybody loves a parade, especially a Bossier High Homecoming Parade.  Preparation is everything.   Posters, beads, and candy were essential.

Jimmy Glasgow disembarking from the "Bearkat Express".  Our class rented the 'trolley' for the homecoming parade.  We had a ball.  We bought beads and candy and threw them out the windows to the crowds along the route. 

Saw this hat in the Holiday Inn gift shop and brought it home to my Jewish wife.  The doctor says the swelling will eventually subside but there will be a mark.  LOL. Don

John is always happy

On the 'trolley' just before the parade…Carl Richard, Margie Bigham, John Swint, Richard Knighton all the way in the back, Jeannie Hanson (wife of David who's hidden by the partition, Susan Harlan Farrar and Jeannie Arnold Richard.

David Cleveland, listening intently...

Yes, Richard is awake.

Susan Harlan Farrar ('64) staring in wonderment at John and Don…NOT!

At the stadium at BHS…Standing: Jan Holt Tomlinson, David Hanson, Jimmy Glasgow, Susan Harlan Farrar, Patti Honaker Wilson, Jeannie Arnold Richard, Margie Bigham, John Swint.  Kneeling:  D.J. Mills, Richard Knighton, and Don MacMurray.

Jimmy Glasgow ('64), Jan Holt Tomlinson ('64) and Carl Richard (Jeannie Arnold's husband)

Glenda & Jimmy Glasgow ('64) at the Horseshoe Bar October of 2006

Don MacMurray & John Swint - still crazy after all these years.  We were listening to a great band at the Horseshoe bar. 

Glenda Glasgow and Jeannie Arnold Richard 64)

I know the fellow with the beard was not in our class.  Next to him is PeeWee who is Linda Babers Candella's close friend, then there's Linda, Jan, and Mary Katherine.  Jeannie Richard should be able to name everyone else in the picture.

At the Riverwalk in Bossier:  Jan Holt Tomlinson, Carl Richard, Mary Katherine Haygood and John (where's my beer?) Swint and Jeannie Arnold Richard.

Mike McCain ('64) and Carl Richard